about me


A bit of a visionary, a bit of a composer.


My camera is my paint brush.
I paint my world with spontaneous strokes, snapshots of moments, emotions, thoughts, lives.
I don’t think much but I imagine, dream and “see” when I photograph.
I trust my heart, in every snapshot there’s a piece of me, of my life, of my essence.
Feelings, fears, doubts but also dreams, certainties, emotions, desires.
In every picture there is a piece of me.


For me a self-portrait is expression, exorcism, wisdom, therapy, liberation.
Standing before and behind the lens at the same time conjures feelings of inner control, surprise and fascination.
I manage to discover myself, and I owe this to photography, my sheer passion and love.
Through it I have found a way to come out into the world, to express myself, to tell and paint stories.
Color or not color, music and silence, body and soul.


This is who I am.


Here's my book La figlia invisibile